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Approximately 80 percent of the job openings available at any given time are not being advertised in newspapers or online career websites. So how do you access this hidden job market? By setting up a powerful Network. Direct Jobs will help you create, maintain and benefit from such a network in an efficient and professional manner. After registering you can invite people to join your group or you can join an existing group and start sharing job opportunities. Before you know it you can secure a dream job.

Direct Jobs is the only Canadian career website offering a complete solution to job seekers. In addition to the basic features offered by most career websites, Direct Jobs will allow you to organize your entire search on-line. Here are a few things you can do:
  • create a professional resume using our unique Resume Builder
  • store Contacts
  • make Notes
  • create your own job alerts
  • access our resource centre
Register today for a better career tomorrow through Direct Jobs.